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Roofing Services

Torch-on Felt roofs can be found on many homes around the UK. Whether it is on a garage roof, kitchen extension or dormer roof. It is a flat roofing system that has been in use for the last 70 years or so, and if done correctly can give you many years of watertight service.

A Slate roof is the longest lasting roofing material you will find on a domestic roof in the UK. Some Slate roofs we have removed have been on the property from the day they were built, more than a hundred years ago.

Leadwork is an essential part of any roof, and without it, your roof would not be watertight. It is your bridge between any brickwork you have and the roof system that abuts it, this most commonly on a domestic dwelling being a chimney stack. There are different procedures of how to soaker and flash your roof system against any brickwork.

Tiled roofs come in a variety of designs and colours, to suit either You the individual, or the property you are looking to reroof. From flat Tiles to profiled Tiles, from brown to orange there is usually a solution to every customers needs. Concrete tiles can add a new and fresh look to your property

GRP Fibreglass is probably the best and strongest system we have found for not only flat roofing but low pitched roofs, gullys, dormer cheeks and balconies. With it's no lap liquid and Fibreglass matted system, it is ideal for any flat roof renewal, newly constructed roofs, rainwater gullys, and many other designs and features. It is virtually impenetrable, hard wearing and the answer to the age old problem of flat roofs and their limited lifespans.


In addition to roofing services, we work alongside managing agents throughout London, offering a maintenance service making sure the building managers are kept up to date with any problems which may occur over time, as the roof is often overlooked until something goes wrong. This can result in unplanned costs or downtime from the disruption caused.

Associated Contracts (UK) LTD's maintenance programmes solve these problems. Our highly skilled teams will carry out the necessary maintenance/inspections so you don’t have to worry about it.

We review your building regularly as part of a maintenance plan, providing site-specific roof inspection reports. Anything from a small repair, through to a complete re-roof. We also provide emergency call outs for wind or water damage.

Drone Services


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