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Flat Roofing

What is Torch-on Roofing Felt

Torch-on roofing, is a flat roof covering solution that involves three layers of modified bitumen (felt) melt-welded onto the roof surface and each other, bye use of a blowtorch to create an impenetrable, waterproof seal.  Traditionally, the three layers used in this process are a vapor control barrier, reinforced felt and a cap sheet with mineral finish. Using three layers of felt is required by building regulations for either domestic or commercial use.  

The range of cap sheets and underlay's we install have been specifically developed to provide the perfect combination of long term performance, ideal handling characteristics and rapid installation.  Torch-on membranes have an underside which has been pre-treated with a covering of thermo-fusible bitumen. This covering is then heated with a propane gas torch and the membrane is applied to the surface of the roof while the bitumen is still hot.


The unique polymer modified bitumen coatings melt faster with less gas/ heat required, rapidly achieving optimum bond strength, and then cools quickly to reduce foot marking and slumping.  Whether it’s oxidised bitumen, SBS or APP modified, for new build or refurbishment, there is a solution to meet every budget

Torch-on roofing felt is known as one of the quickest and most reliable flat roof installations readily available in the UK.  A torched-on felt roof is a quick and straightforward job for roofers who are qualified or industry endorsed. One of the factors that adds to this quick installation time is the ability of torch-on felt to be applied in both dry and damp conditions.

Torch-on roofing felt’s reliability lay in its resistance to UV rays, strong winds and rain. The mineral finish of the cap sheet helps break up surface UV reducing degradation and roof level temperatures, meaning temperatures inside applications are kept cool during the summer, prolonging the life expectancy of your roof covering.

A variety of insulation options are also available based on specification and budget.

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