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Tiled Roofing

The roof is arguably the single most exposed face of any structure! It has to withstand rain, wind, ice, ultraviolet light and, increasingly, the effects of damaging acids caused by atmospheric pollution. All the more reason for specifiers to choose a natural roofing product that is able to sustain these harsh elements and still mellow and improve with age. Not only will a clay roof tile hold an authentic time worn appeal, but its low maintenance cost will mean that its whole life cost is relatively low - a factor which specifiers should certainly consider when comparing the costs of different roofing materials.

The life span of a clay tile is influenced by the type of clay, the way it is manufactured, the dampness of the atmosphere, the position of the building and the pitch of the roof. All these factors will influence the speed of the weathering process. But, the colour of genuine clay roof tiles is permanent and they are highly regarded for this attribute.

The colour of clay tiles is particularly important to specifiers who undertake refurbishment or building extension projects. It is crucial they ensure that the new tiles laid match the colour and style of the original tiles. The weathering properties of clay tiles ensure that they are able to blend in with old, original tiles and therefore make them an ideal roofing material for refurbishment projects. Where necessary, new tiles with an artificially aged appearance can be used to blend in with historic products.

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